Sunday, October 26, 2008

More coming soon

Sorry that there hasn't been any communication for...gosh a couple of weeks now. It's kinda because I've been really busy and kinda because really, nothing interesting has happened. There's been a bit of crochet, a bit of knitting, a bit of sewing and a bit of a certain disaster that I don't care to mention but haven't given up on yet. I will take photos of everything soon. I'm still lusting after a better camera, anything would be better than what I'm stuck with at the moment. Anyway, I can't leave you with a pictureless post, so here's a very cute portly hedgehog from Marjji

Thursday, October 9, 2008

CHECK THIS SHOP OUT NOW! abigailbrown at Etsy

These are absolutely too cute. I want the fox! All from abigailbrown

Egg-A-Go-Go at Etsy

What a cute shop! For adorable handmade pillows like these, cards, badges and more, visit Egg-A-Go-Go :)

Little babushka doll

So this is the little (but not littlest!) babushka doll that I made as part of the set:

And next to Mama babushka!

This is just two thirds out of one of three sets I have to finish by Christmas. So I better get that hook flying so they're finished in time!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cat-Rabbit at Etsy

I just had to poke my head in again to show you these fab plushies.

Somehow cute, blood-drinking, zombie cat

Sweet little owlet and

ohhhh! A rabbit wearing its heart on its sleeve!

All of these super awesome creations are from Cat-Rabbit

New and improved babushka doll

How is it improved?

The body is larger

The shaping is different and

The embroidery is more detailed.

The only problem is that I took these pictures, then realised that I hadn't added any eyelashes yet. The good news is that there will be more pictures soon as I just finished a smaller sized replica of the same doll.

I've been managing to finish quite a few projects lately. Maybe its the transition of seasons from winter to summer that is so inspiring. Whatever the reason, October has been "finish projects before you start new ones" month. And I challenge everyone else to do the same. So go on, for every new project you start, complete at least one old one!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Deer baby

This is one of my favourite critters- a little baby deer. It's been sitting half completed on my desk for months and the other day I finally motivated myself to finish it.

This little guy is made with brown felt, some of my favourite apple printed fabric and is sporting a hand knitted bright blue scarf.
I also wanted to share with you this scarf that I made for myself a while ago, photographed and then promptly lost the photos for:

I was thinking about including the free pattern for it here- what do you think?

Monday, October 6, 2008

cathycullis on Etsy

I just discovered this shop today on Etsy. cathycullis is the home of a range of gorgeous embroidered works including birds and brooches. I love the black bird and the heart the most. You can also check out the website here.

Meet Oliver and Harper

Wow! Actual completed craftiness on my blog! A doodle, a couple of hours, some corduroy, fabric and yarn and a whole lot of embroidery thread later and I had a couple of new friends to share.

This is Oliver. He likes books, chocolate biscuits and whistling. Oliver was kinda my prototype and after finishing him, I just had to make another.....

.........and this is Harper. Harper likes Gregory Peck movies, listening to music and thick fluffy carpets.

I've been quite good lately in that I have been actually finishing projects that I have started. Also completed are a (modified) babushka doll and a deer. Those I'll share in the next couple of days.

It was my birthday yesterday too. Happy birthday to anyone who shared theirs yesterday also or today!