Monday, January 19, 2009

back from my travels...

...and I finally managed to finish that mysterious creature that I mentioned a while ago. My new fat bunny friend is made out of recycled denim, patterned fabric, plastic safety eyes, wooden buttons, pink embroidery thread and a little white pompom tail. He's not perfect (what's going on with that nose?) but I love him just the same. I liked using an olf pair of jeans that I had grown out of to make makes him just a little bit more special. I've already started my next denim project...

And look what I picked up while I was away.

Yum. It's (I think handspun) recycled silk that I managed to find in a funny little shop that sold second-hand books and dreamcatchers and smelt like incense. My yarn sense was tingling.

(P.S. Sorry about the horrid pictures. I'm trying to get better at my photography shoots but I don't think my camera likes to help much.)

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