Monday, January 5, 2009

what i have been up to

I finally sewed a face onto Bear (he's been sitting around creepily with no face for more than a year)Did a bit of ripple crochet (I have no idea what this is going to be- it's about cushion-sized I guess)

Made a ski headband as a Christmas present who has gone to Quebec for about three weeks- lucky :( This gave me a chance to try out some double knitting (note: it's reversible) and also to use my new fair isle skills in a project.

And I also finally made some clothes for my Jessie doll.

The jumper that Bear is wearing and the cream wrap top for Jessie are both patterns from Toys to Knit by Tracey Chapman. I suppose my resolution for the new year is to finish all the half-completed projects that I have lying around, like these clothes that have been cluttering my desk for months. That way I can start lots of new ones! Oh, I also made these biscuit houses as a small Christmas present for each of my friends:

The recipe is from the December issue of Good Taste Magazine.

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