Tuesday, November 11, 2008

.....and this is fair isle attempt #2!

Fair isle attempt #2
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This one is my favourite- it's a Scandinavian design worked in black and white yarn. I actually inverted the colour order that the pattern specified so that the black was predominant instead of the white. How much do you love this blogging thing on flickr by the way? I love how easy it is to upload your photos and then blog about them too. I've only figured out how to do one at a time though- does anyone know how to blog about more than one photo in the same post?

As well as trying desperately to finish that order of three sets of Babushka dolls before Christmas, (I'm not very good at going fast), I've also been trying out a new pattern. What I have discovered is that if you make a yo-yo and then stuff it, it makes a good circle sort of shape, useful for heads and bodies. I'll share some pictures when my little critter is complete.

And I'll leave you with a joke today just because I think it is hilarious (really, it is)

Q: How do you tell the difference between a rabbit and a gorilla?

I'll let you know next time!

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