Thursday, August 21, 2008

Guardian Angel knits...almost due!

Ugghh. Still sick. I hope I'm not infecting everything seeing as I've managed to cough over nearly every part of the house. Loving the Olympics though. I don't think I've ever watched so much television in one sitting. My favourites are the relays- always interesting to see who drops the baton...there's always one!- and the gymnastics- god they're talented. Sooooo, here is the fruit of my labour this morning:

Just a friendly reminder that your Guardian Angel pharmacy knits are almost due. I'm a bit disappointed that all I could produce was one beanie, but due to other commitments (i.e. distractions, i.e. wips, i.e. babushkas, etc.), plus what are actually relatively small and tricky stitches, that's all for this year. All garments still make a big difference though, and will keep a child warm this season. Again, if you want to find out more details (it's not too late!) go here where you will actually find the free pattern for the beanie, plus a matching scarf.

Now I'm off to clean my slippers after an unfortunate accident with some macaroni and cheese. Stay well!

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